I think it looks like the name of a hotel

"Next stop," it says, and that portion appears to be torn out, except for the word "Seagull. " I think it looks like the name of a hotel, but who knows. To the left of that is "Opens March Everywhere," and your guess is as good as mine as to what that means But replica Breitling K2332212 B Men's watch Rockstar knows what it's doing here, it's getting people to talk, and we've taken the bait. (A picture of the entire "ad" is at the link below. )Liberty City, It's over! Next stop? [GTA4. Net via VG247]Here's a clip of the new multiplayer mode in February's BioShock sequel, via publisher Take Two Interactive

How are you feeling now about the series getting multiplayer?To: AshFrom: CrecenteSounds like tonight's the night! With Nintendo planning on going through their financials tonight, and the board planning on being in attendance, I'd think at least one bit of big news will be breaking loose Maybe more. I'll try to stick around to see what you post replica Breitling A4935011 G5 4 Men's watch Exciting!Speaking of which, man what a day Between the new Epic Mickey news and the details on Modern 2, it was packed and busy. Here's what you missed:Left 4 Dead 2 Getting Avatar Awards? [Update]Spector Tells Us How Disney Epic Mickey Will Challenge GamersGTA:

The Ballad Of Gay Tony Review: Out With A BangDementium II Preview: A Mature DS Game With "Hell Moments"Modern 2 Features Skippable Scene of AtrocitiesThis Week In Video Game ComicsPodcast Ready: Condeming The "Release Now, Patch Later" Attitude, Plus MW2 And GTAThe best Kotaku podcasts are the ones where you guys and replica Breitling E7536210 B5 Men's watch girls do most of the talking Download the latest episode to hear some provocative calls about the year's biggest games and who deserves the heat for bug ridden games

Dragon Age does it right when it incorporates directly into the narrative (the aforementioned spoiler I don't want to reveal) But the casual

no surprise there, and Dragon Age does it right when it incorporates directly into the narrative (the aforementioned spoiler I don't want to reveal) But the casual, which could be used as a tool to deepen your understanding and empathy for the other characters, tends to reinforce the idea of women as alternately jealous, catty, smothering, replica Breitling Aeromarine Chrono M1 Avenger Men's watches and weak willed (easily taking back a lover that has strayed), while perpetuating the stereotype of the promiscuous gay/bi***ual man I guess what I'm saying is. the *** could be better. Yeah, but so could a pizza Bottom line, it's still a pizza I mean *** You get the idea.

Sex and the Single Dragon Age Hero [Bitmob]My last encounter with a skateboard ended in tears for me, blood for my brother and a hospital bill for a third kid So I'm giving this skateboard away as soon as possible. Not to sound ungrateful to EA replica Breitling A4436212 Men's watch Black Box for providing this thoughtful and theme appropriate swag I'm just terrified of skateboards, even ones without wheels You ever read Calvin & Hobbes strips where Calvin's afraid of his bike? That's me with skateboards

Luckily, Ümloud! is right around the corner, so I've got a place to send it straightaway I already sent the bulk of my swag to the boss in Denver And if nothing else, this skateboard should be a lot easier to carry on public transit in San Francisco than a 25 pound box of t shirts. GTA4. Net noticed this "ad" in the Episodes from Liberty City replica Breitling A7438010 G5 81 Men's watch instruction manual that, reading between the lines (or around the torn out part, anyway) seems to tease where the series is headed next And maybe when The ad, apparently for a fake movie, declares "Liberty City, It's Over!" implying, naturally, that we're all done here

SAG's Hollywood caucus considered atmospheric work one actor performing 20 different characters of up to 300 words at a daily base rate

In particular, SAG's Hollywood caucus considered atmospheric work one actor performing 20 different characters of up to 300 words at a daily base rate a "major reduction" from the current collective bargaining agreement, Variety said. When all's said replica Breitling Navitimer Montbrilliant Olympus Men's and done here, this doesn't matter as much as the star power of the SAG name would indicate Union work accounts for roughly 25 percent of video game voice work

Also, the board of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists gave an "an overwhelming and strong" endorsement that its members approve the contract. SAG Rejects Tentative Video Game Deal [Variety]Dragon Age: Origins has got boinkin' we knew that already With copies out to reviewers, one guy has provided a replica Breitling Professional Aerospace Titanium Men's mostly spoiler free look at all the *** having, which he says begins "around hour 60. " So it's just like dating! Demian Linn at Bitmob worked all the angles with every potential partner in the party, telling us what goes down when you get down with Morrigan, Leliana and,

yes, even when you eff the elf as in a gay hookup An encounter with a dwarven tranny is also mentioned but it's not part of the analysis (I think it's just one of the smirky cathouse cutscenes)The only spoilers in the writeup concern characters and, replica Breitling Windrider Chronomat watch of course, descriptions of the *** itself It does not give up any plot spoilers In summary, here's what the ***ytime does, or doesn't do, for Dragon Age: Origins. So what's the point of all this? Good question Sex is a very difficult game design challenge,

A lot of emotion and sensitivity on that brusque exterior

A lot of emotion and sensitivity on that brusque exterior, and he has great comic timing He's a phenomenal actor I just hope I get a part on the movie so I can work with Hugh. "For his part, North said he'd of course "love to do the movie; obviously I'd love to do it as Nathan Drake," however, "I've done film and television and I understand the replica Breitling Avenger Titanium Black Men's watch reality of the business. "Those who follow me on Twitter know I've spent a ton of time in Borderlands lately, but I am also playing Uncharted 2 and for my money,

North's work is the best of any big budget game I've played And this isn't his first rodeo (Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed) North does have screen credits, but he's right that he's not a marquee name And it's a shame He's a heavyweight in video game replica Breitling A4436212 Q5 679 Men's watch voice acting and if this business ever delivers a big Hollywood breakthrough for a game actor or actress, he'd be very deserving.

Nolan North Hints Heavily At Hugh Jackman Assuming The Role Of Nathan Drake In The Upcoming Uncharted Movie [PushSquare via Joystiq]A contract proposal hammered out between the Screen Actors Guild and video game publishers was shot down after a union vote A key sticking point seemed to be "atmospheric" work, in replica Breitling Windrider Cockpit Grey Men's watch which one actor voices multiple minor characters Variety reports that the guild members who work this contract covering 70 games publishers and all the industry heavyweights shot it down by nearly 2:1, in defiance of the SAG board's recommendation that it be approved